Tentative Schedule for Koetterfest

 Sunday, September 26:

12:45-13:00: Welcome from Workshop Organizers

13:00-14:30: Coding and Signal-Processing (3) [Blahut]

14:30-15:15: break

15:15-17:15: Theory of Network Coding (4) [Yeung]

17:30-18:30  Refreshments and Reminiscing

18:30        Dinner


 Monday, September 27:


08:30-10:30: LDPC Codes and Message Passing (4) [Forney]

10:30-11:00: break

11:00-12:30: Graphs and Realizations (3) [Vontobel]

12:30-14:00: Lunch and lunch break

14:00-15:30: List-Decoding (3) [Kschischang]

15:30-16:15: break

16:15-17:45: Algebraic Coding Theory (3) [Vardy]

18:00-18:30  Refreshments and Reminiscing

18:30        Banquet and Social Event   


  Tuesday, September 28:


08:30-10:30: Network Error-Correction and Security (4) [Medard]

10:30-11:00: break

11:00-12:30: Applications of Network Coding (3) [Effros]

12:30        Conclusion and Farewell


Detailed Schedule 

 Coding and Signal-Processing


 Speaker: Andrew C. Singer

 Authors: Michael Tuechler and Andrew C. Singer

  Title: Turbo Equalization: An Overview


 Speaker: Pierre Moulin

 Authors: Pierre Moulin and Ralf Koetter

  Title: Theory and Design of Information-Embedding Codes


 Speaker: Hans-Andrea Loeliger

 Authors: Hans-Andrea Loeliger

  Title: Discrete-Time Processing of Continuous-Time Signals

           Using Factor Graphs



 Theory of Network Coding


 Speaker: Michelle Effros

 Authors: Ralf Koetter, Michelle Effros, and Muriel Medard

  Title: A Theory of Network Equivalence


 Speaker: Bruce Hajek

 Authors: Bruce Hajek

  Title: The Missing Piece Syndrome and Network Coding


 Speaker: Christina Fragouli

 Authors: Javad Ebrahimi and Christina Fragouli

  TITLE: Algebraic Algorithms for Vector Network Coding


 Speaker: Michael Langberg

 Authors: Michael Langberg and Alex Sprintson

  TITLE: On the Hardness of Approximating the Network Coding Capacity


 LDPC Codes and Message Passing


 Speaker: Andrea Montanari

 Authors: Mohsen Bayati, David Donoho, Arian Maleki, and Andrea 


  Title: Message Passing on Dense Graphs and Regularized Regressions: From Algorithms to Sharp Asymptotic Analyses


 Speaker: Jonathan Yedidia

 Authors: Jonathan S. Yedidia, Yige Wang, and Stark C. Draper

  Title: Divide & Concur and Difference-Map BP Decoders for LDPC Codes


 Speaker: Ruediger Urbanke

 Authors: Shrinivas Kudekar, Tom Richardson, and Ruediger Urbanke

  Title: Threshold Saturation via Spatial Coupling: Why Convolutional LDPC Ensembles Perform so well over the BEC


 Speaker: Pascal O. Vontobel

 Authors: Ali E. Pusane, Roxana Smarandache, Pascal O. Vontobel, and Daniel J. Costello, Jr.

  Title: Deriving Good LDPC Convolutional Codes from LDPC Block Codes


 Graphs and Realizations


 Speaker: G. David Forney, Jr.

 Author: G. David Forney, Jr.

  Title: Minimal Realizations of Linear Systems: The "Shortest Basis" Approach


 Speaker: Yongyi Mao

 Authors: Ali Al-Bashabsheh and Yongyi Mao

  Title: Valiant Transform of Forney Graphs


 Speaker: Jorn Justesen

 Authors: Jorn Justesen

  Title: Iterative Decoding of Product Codes




 Speaker: Alexander Vardy

 Authors: Hessam Mahdavifar and Alexander Vardy

  Title: Algebraic List-Decoding of Koetter-Kschischang and Other Subspace Codes


 Speaker: Henry Pfister

 Authors: Phong Sy Nguyen, Henry D. Pfister, and Krishna R. Narayanan

  Title: On Multiple Decoding Attempts for Reed-Solomon Codes


 Speaker: Venkat Guruswami

 Authors: Venkatesan Guruswami, Johan Hastad, and Swastik Kopparty

  Title: On the List-Decodability of Random Linear Codes 


 Algebraic Coding Theory


 Speaker: Iwan Duursma

 Author: Iwan Duursma

  Title: Evaluation Codes Using Functions with Two Poles


 Speaker: Tom Hoeholdt

 Authors: Peter Beelen, Sudhir R. Ghorpade, and Tom Hoehold

  Title: Affine Grassmann Codes


 Speaker: Yingquan Wu

 Authors: Yingquan Wu

  Title: On Expanded Cyclic and Reed-Solomon Codes


 Network Error-Correction and Security


 Speaker: Frank Kschischang

 Authors: Danilo Silva and Frank Kschischang

  Title: Universal Secure Network Coding via Rank-Metric Codes


 Speaker: Raymond W. Yeung

 Authors: Chi-Kin Ngai, Raymond W. Yeung, and Zhixue Zhang

  Title: Network Generalized Hamming Weight


 Speaker: Tracey Ho

 Authors: Sukwon Kim, Tracey Ho, Michelle Effros, and Amir Salman Avestimehr

  Title: Network Error Correction with Unequal Link Capacities: Upper Bounds and Capacities


 Speaker: Martin Bossert

  Title: Multisequence Linearized Shift-Register Synthesis

            and Decoding Interleaved Gabidulin Codes

 Authors: Vladimir Sidorenko, Lan Jiang, and Martin Bossert 



 Applications of Network Coding


 Speaker: Muriel Medard

 Authors: Daniel Enrique Lucani, Muriel Medard, and Milica Stojanovic

  Title: On Coding for Delay --- Network Coding for Time Division Duplexing


 Speaker: Andrea Goldsmith

 Authors: Ivana Maric, Andrea Goldsmith, and Muriel Medard

  Title: Analog Network Coding in High-SNR Relay Networks


 Speaker: Desmond Lun

 Authors: Atilla Eryilmaz, Desmond S. Lun, and B.T. Swapna

  Title: Control for Inter-Session Network Coding