English Guide of
Tokai Fish Gyoson
Mandarin Wok

English Guide of Mandarin Wok(東海漁村)

Mandarin Wok is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Champaign-Urbana area. Although they have English menu (such as "Chicken with broccoli") we strongly recommend the Chinese menu. The only problem is WE CAN'T READ CHINESE! Here, we deciphered the menu into English. Enjoy the real Chinese foods!

This page contains Chinese Characters. The Encoding is UNICODE (UTF-8). You may need to install Chinese fonts. If you are a Japanese, check JAPANESE VERSION.

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(Popular=Popular, Favorite=Our Favorite)

Meat (beef, pork, chicken) Menu

  椒塩雞球 Popular Fried Chicken, Chinese style.  
153 九層塔牛肉 Stir-fried beef with Taiwanese Basil ( 九層塔) Beef
388 辣炒香酥雞球 Spicy Fried Chicken. Spicy Chicken
703 絲瓜牛腩煲 Chinese Beef (shank and bowel) Stew with a kind of cucumber. Beef Stew
812 蒜茸腐乳焗雞 Chicken with Tofu Cheese. Tofu Cheese
  雙冬扒鴨 Favorite Stewed Whole Duck. It's Gorgeous! Very tender.

Seafood Menu

275 椒塩鮮魷 Fried Squid.  
353 豆酥龍利球 Favorite White Fish with Tosu. See below for "Tosu" Tosu Fish
  海鮮砂鍋 Favorite Gorgeous Seafood Pod. Pot
  椒塩銀魚 Fried "Silver FIsh"

Tofu Menu

  脆皮豆腐 Popular Fried Tofu with thick source, cilantro on it. One of the most popular dishes in Mandarin Wok. Tofu
216 金菇皇子豆腐 Favorite Fried Tofu and "Enoki" mushroom (Flammulina veluptipes.) Tofu

Vegetable Menu

  台湾高麗菜  "高麗菜" means cabbage. This is stir-fried cabbage. Cabbage
  皮蛋枸杞焗豆苗 Vegetable with Preserved Duck Eggs (aka Thousand Year Old Eggs) and Matrimony Vine boxthorn) Duck Egg


80~85  港式炒麺 Popular Crispy Fried Noodle, Hong Kong style. The picture shows sea food fried noodle.
94~99  米粉 Popular Chow Fun or Angel Hair (thin rice noodle)  
  河粉 Flat rice noodle. Flat Rice Noodle

Secret Menu

竹笙豆苗 鮮茹青剛菜 Favorite Stir fried internal bamboo skin and vegetables. Very interesting menu. Bamboo
五味燙白肉 Favorite Steamed Pork with "Five Flavors" herb source. Really Good. Pork
豆酥 (Tosu)
with shrimp / scallop

Favorite Taiwanese Spice named "Tosu." Fish and vegetables are served with fried garlic source. Although the picture shows shrimps and scallops, you can ask them your favorite combination.


Recommended by John, but I have not tried yet.

370 三杯雞
377 油豆腐焼雞
381 干烹雞球
395 生炒塩焗雞
558 青菜焗豆腐
707 蛤蜊焗絲瓜


I believe dishes in the Chinese menu are far better than the English menus (though more expensive.)

The owner stocks foods on Monday. So, the foods are fresh on Tuesday.

Mandarin Wok is located in

403 E. Green St., Champaign, IL
(near the corner of 4th and Green)


Special Thanks to John Lin