Statistical Image and Video Processing
Fall 2008

10:00-11:20am, Monday & Wednesday, 170 Everitt Lab

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Course Description:

This course covers theory and applications of image and video processing based on statistical models for these signals and the imaging systems. Applications include image restoration, forensics, motion estimation for video, security, and biometrics. Problems are solved by application of fundamental principles of statistical inference. Homeworks will include problems of a theoretical nature as well as processing of image datasets using Matlab. Projects will allow the students to investigate a topic of their choice in more depth. Grading: homeworks (20%), midterm (30%), project or final (50%)

Prerequisites: ECE534 (Random Processes), ECE418 or ECE547 (Image and Video Processing), experience with Matlab.
Recommended:  ECE561 (Detection and Estimation), ECE551 (Digital Signal Processing)


Pierre Moulin,
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