Statistical Image and Video Processing
Fall 1998

11:30-1pm, Tuesday & Thursday, 170 Everitt Lab

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Pierre Moulin,
2265 Beckman Institute, Tel: 4-8366, email:
Office hours: 10-6 Mon, Wed, Fri, send me email first
Teaching Assistant:
Prakash Ishwar,


Course Outline Prerequisites: ECE434, ECE371PM or ECE447, experience with Matlab.
Recommended:  ECE461, ECE451

Grading Policy

The final grade will be determined based on regular homeworks, one midterm exam, and a final project:

Homework Policy

You may use any material you want to solve homework problems. Teaming up with other students to work out homework problems is acceptable. However, you will maximize your learning experience by working out homework problems on your own. In any event, you are required to write out your solutions independently.

Homeworks will typically be due on Tuesdays. The TA will xerox an unspecified number of HWs and grade them. Homework solutions will be posted at the TIS copy store on Friday. Your (unmarked) homeworks will be returned to you on Thursday. You will then grade your own homework and email the grade to the TA by the following Friday at 12 noon. If there is a significant discrepancy between your grade and the grade determined by the TA, a revised grade will be emailed back to you, with copy to the instructor. 


No textbook is required, but the books by Jain (Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing) and Tekalp (Digital Video Processing) are recommended. Articles in recent scientific and technical literature will also be used as references. Additional class notes and homework solutions will be available at the TIS copy shop.
Supplementary Materials:
Some of these books are also available at Reserve desk in the Grainger Library.

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