My areas of interest include computer vision and image processing (video and image superresolution, image de-noising, compression artifacts removal), image modeling (Hierarchical Markov Random Fields), graphical models for image classification, machine learning and approximate inference (EM algorithm, loopy belief propagation) and convex optimization techniques for density extimation. Some current and past projects are listed below in order of completion (latest to oldest)

  • Here is the wordle image for my recent publication titles.

  • P-norm (P<1) for robust sparsity.[pdf]

  • Automated Intraventricular Septum Segmentation.[pdf]

  • Non-negative matrix factorization with SVM regularization.[pdf]

  • Linear Time Projection on L1 Ball with Box Constraints.[pdf]
    Problem Types

  • Regularized Maximum Likelihood for Intrinsic Dimension Estimation.[pdf]
    Regularized ID estimation

  • Non-negative Matrix Factorization.[pdf]
  • Bi-affinity Filter.[pdf]
    Bi-affinity Filter

  • Linear manifold based techniques for Super-resolution.[pdf]
    Manifold based SR

  • Study of compression bit rates on performance of video enhancement algorithms.[pdf]
  • Jpeg compression artifacts removal from images and videos[pdf].

  • Primal-dual methods for L1 regularized logistic regression[pdf].
  • Graphical models for object recognition and classification.
    Parts based recognition

  • On the structure of ambiguity in reconstructing human motion over multiple frames[pdf].
    Click here to see video with ambiguous limbs Click here to see the corrected video

  • Sub-pixel motion estimation using ordinal regression in polar co-ordinates.
    Sub-pixel shift estimation

  • Image super-resolution using belief-propagation in hierarchical MRF's[pdf].
    Original License Plate Digit image restoration

  • Recognition and restoration of license plate images.