• I edited two books on watermarking. These can be downloaded from here and here
  • My daughter Tanisha was born on 27th August 2011.Tani
  • I finished the San Francisco half-marathon on July 25th 2010 (Official time 2:30:55). SF Half Marathon Completion
  • I was once interested in Hindi music. I used to be a decent singer. In the mad rush to become a good engineer I lost touch with the arts side of me, till MacBook happened. I realized the tremendous potential I had (??), and rendered some of Kishore Da's classics. Below are a few links to my renditions.
  • During my undergrad days when I was a starry eyed kid, I wrote a few poems. Several years later I got one of them titled "Friend" published.
  • One of my favourite video games, the only one I can play with some confidence is Tetris. Recently I found an online version. My highest score till date is '14,790,641' at level 159. My previous best was '6,867,760' at level 107. A screenshot of the ending screen is shown below. Tetris High Score
  • Recently I have been much interested in the game Bejeweled. The highest level I have reached till now is level 10. A screenshot is shown below. Bejeweled