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Research Interests

bulletComputer vision
bulletWavelets and subband Coding
bulletImage and multidimensional signal processing
bulletMultimedia coding and communication
bulletMultimedia delivery over Wireless Internet

Professional Service

I'm a student member of

bulletInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
bulletSociety for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

I'm  a reviewer for:

bulletIEEE Trans. on Multimedia
bulletIEEE Trans. on Signal Processing
bulletIEEE Trans. on Image Processing
bulletIEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems
bulletJournal of Visual Communication and Image Representation
bulletConferences, such as GlobeCom, ICASSP, ICME, and ICIP


bulletNonsubsampled Contourlet Transform and Applications

The Contourlet transform is an efficient directional multiresolution image presentation. Owing to downsampling, the Contourlet transform is not shift-invariant. But shift-invariance is required in some image processing applications, such as the edge detections, contour detection and image segmentation. We work on the nonsubsampled Contourlet and its applications on image analysis. This work is in collaboration with A. da Cunha and Jason Laska.

Here are some examples for image enhancement by nonsubsampled Contourlet transform.

bulletMultichannel Multivariate Deconvolution and Equalization

Over the last decade, the theory and applications of multichannel deconvolution have grown rapidly, such as multichannel image deconvolution, channel equalization for multiple antennas and polarimetric calibration of radars. We present a general framework for multichannel multivariate exact deconvolution with FIR blurring filters and FIR reconstruction filters using the algebraic geometry.

bulletMultidimensional Filter Banks and Wavelets

We work on the characterization and design of orthogonal filter banks in any dimensions. Traditional design methods for one-dimensional orthogonal filter banks cannot be extended to higher dimensions directly, since there is no multidimensional (MD) spectral factorization theorem. Due to difficulty and complexity, there are few design results for MD orthogonal filter banks. We work on the characterization and efficient design methods of MD orthogonal filter banks.

bulletAudio Coding and Streaming over the Internet and Wireless

Streaming high-fidelity audio over the Internet or the wireless networks is a challenging task because the channel presents packet loss or bit errors. These errors may have severe adverse effect on decompressing the received audio bitstream or even completely crash the decoder. To solve this problem, we work on error resilience in the audio coder in conjunction with error protection for scalable audio streaming. 

bulletImage Processing

We explore new multiresolution directional image analysis tools and apply them to image processing applications such as edge characterization, contour detection, image denoising, image restoration and image enhancement.


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