John Lin


Hand Tracking

Hand tracking

Tracking hand motion in a cluttered background using stochastic Nelder Mead Simplex tracker for both local and global motion.
(0.62M, AVI)

Hand tracking

Tracking real hand motion.
local motion: SIS filter. global motion: ICP
(5M, AVI)

Hand tracking

Synthetic hand motion
local motion: SIS particle filter. global motion: ICP
(2M, AVI)

Tracking Natural Finger Articulation

Capturing natural finger articulation using sequential importance sampling with systematic resampling. The importance function is obtained from the natural hand motion constraints.
(5M, AVI)

Graphics - Course Projects
Video Textures

Based on the work of Arno Schödl, et al , a new video sequence can be synthesized from recorded video data base.
This 6 second sequence of never-ending-page-flipping action is generated from a data set of 20 frames.
( MPG, 885k )
Particle system

A simple simulation of particle system
( AVI, 638k )



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