Jong Chul Ye, Ph.D
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Jong Chul Ye  is currently affiliated with Wireless Communiation and Networking Dept. of  Philips Research at Briarcliff Manor, New York.   He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the  School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Purdue University,  West Lafayette, a M.Sc. and a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering  with  honors from the Control and Instrumentation Engineering Department  of   Seoul National University, Korea.

Prior to joining Philips,  he  worked at the Coordinated Science Laboratory of   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as a postdoctoral research associate,  and also briefly worked at the Image Science Laboratory of  Polaroid Corporation, MA.  He recieved Korean Government Overseas Scholarship Award  (1995-1998), Samsung Electronics Fellowship (1993-1995), Opitcal  Society of America New Focus Travel Grant Award (1996), Purdue  Computational Science and Engineering Fellowship (1997-1999), and  Purdue Ismail Award (1998). Back in younger ages,  he was ranked the  first place at the national high school entrance exam and received  Seoul City Mayor award for academic excellence.

 Currently, he serves as a technical committee member at the International Conf. of Image Processing, Rochester, NY, 2002.


KEY WORDS: video streaming over wireless LAN (802.11),  image/video compression,  medical imaging, statistical signal processing,  estimation theory,  computer vision,  wavelets,  multiresolution analysis, multigrid analysis,  variational method for image/video processing,  level-set method,  non-uniform sparse sampling theory, noise removal, color science

Jong Chul Ye's research interests cover a large areas of  video/image processing, statistical signal processing,  medical imaging,  and estimation theory. More specifically,  his main  research focuses are application of the statistical estimation theory  and optimization theory in many video/image processing, medical imaging, digital imaging, and color science  related problems.  His  main mathematical tools for these goals are statistics and probability  theory, functional analysis, PDE and differential geometry.

Applications of interests include wireless video streaming over 802.11, computed imaging (CT, MRI, ultrasonic, SAR/ISAR, and optical tomography),  digital TV,  digital printing and color science.

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