Research or Course Project Suggestions for Undergraduate Students

Here are some ideas for DSP and/or Communications projects, all of which are relevant to research projects here at UIUC.

Relevant to our "BunnyCam" wireless video project

Develop a GNU-radio-based FSK, BPSK, or QPSK and RCPC receiver
Build a Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) transmitter
Build a 400 or 900 MHz FSK, BPSK, or QPSK transmitter
Develop Reed-Solomon or RCPC channel code software
Interface a small camera to a DSP board
Build a baseband-to-450 or -900 MHz upconverter/transmitter

Relevant to stochastic sensor networks

Design and add new sensors to our small, low-power wireless sensor nodes using off-the-shelf components
Implement a network protocol for stochastic sensor networks

Relevant to the Intelligent Hearing Aid project

Implement and test real-time binaural processing algorithms on DSP microprocessors
Hearing aid sound processor that distorts sound so that the side of origin can be distinguished in a cross-over hearing aid

Other areas

Develop an adaptive noise cancellation system for removing wind noise from outdoor acoustic microphones
Develop a multichannel speaker system that can project different sound sources in different directions

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