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Reflections on Information Technology

IT and human development: A perspective on the place of information technology in the grand scheme of human development.

"Grand Challenges" in Signal Processing Research

A summary of several research problems in signal processing of profound importance and huge impact if solved can be found here.

Microprocessor Architecture

RISC vs. CISC. vs. DSP: An iconoclastic perspective on the similarities and differences between RISC, CISC, and DSP microprocessors and their evolution over the past two decades (as of 1999).


Video of a crayfish flicking its tail and a "flow movie" imaged with our artificial lateral line and flow imaging algorithm created by Yingchen Yang, Nam Nguyen, Chang Liu, and Douglas L. Jones

Toad and frog species distribution in Texas

Good Reflections on Research; every grad student should read!

Every graduate student should read the Hamming "You and Your Research" transcript.

Nice perspective on engineering and science: Engineering is not science

Brief Reflection on "Old" and "New" Publishing Models

Almost everybody prefers to access material digitally over the internet; if it's not there, and not accessible, my research simply will not be read, will thus not have impact and will not be cited. Therefore I can't afford to publish in venues that don't allow me to make my material accessible digitally. In my experience, if it's out there anywhere, scholar.google.com will find it, so it doesn't matter where it is or what the interface is or whether it's part of a coherent collection or distributed randomly across the web; google serves as a decent default interface even in the absence of one provided by the repository. What's important is that it remains in the repository and accessible over the long term. Once open and perpetual repositories for digital materials exist (e.g., University libraries), there is no fundamental reason why the functions of quality-validation/peer-review and providing access to accepted material need be inextricably coupled. A "virtual journal" supplying the peer-review and editorial process could in principle "publish" simply by posting a permanent table of contents and abstracts that merely links to the accepted articles in their permanent repositories, say distributed across the various libraries at the various Universities hosting the scholars, or which have committed to host that journal on behalf of unaffiliated authors. This only requires confidence in the continued exisitence and commitment of the institutions supporting the libraries ... but in any event the continued existence of a traditional publisher's material depends on the continued existence of that publisher or libraries that archive that material in paper or electronic form, so fundamentally the "new" model is no more or less permanent and secure in the long term than the current one.

Fun and interesting quotes


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