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  1. 06/28/2007, Thursday: Delete directory on ifp server
  2. 12/15/2006, Friday: Stop MATLAB auto start
  3. 12/15/2006, Friday: Stop automatic reboot after widows update
  4. 04/01/2006, Sunday: To disable autoplay of USB flash drives in WindowsXP / 2000
  5. 03/30/2006, Thursday: How to print a huge poster?

Delete directory on ifp server
06/28/2007, Thursday

command rm on ifp server is a mapping of /usr/bin/rm. It is in safe mode and
needs to check each file before deleting. To obtain fasting deleting, the
following command can be used:
/usr/bin/rm -fr [dir]


Stop MATLAB auto start
12/15/2006, Friday

run program: start -> run -> services.msc choose matlab server and set it to manually startup.


Stop automatic reboot after widows update
12/15/2006, Friday

run program: start -> run -> gpedit.msc Then go to: Local Computer Policy / Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Windows Update /, and config correponding parameters.


To disable autoplay of USB flash drives in WindowsXP / 2000
04/01/2006, Sunday

1 Open registry editog by selecting Start, then Run, then entering "regedit /v" as the command.

2 Select the topmost node ("My Computer") in the registry hierarchy.

3 Search (ctrl-F) for the following value: NoDriveTypeAutoRun Each time you find the NoDriveTypeAutoRun value, change it to 0xdd. That should turn off autoplay for everything *but* your CD drives. To turn it off for everything, use 0xff.

4 Repeat the above for all remaining occurrences of NoDriveTypeAutoRun throughout your registry. Be sure to note each original value and the path to it , in case you want to restore it later.

5 Close the registry and re-boot your PC. These registry values will not take effect until AFTER you have rebooted.


How to print a huge poster?
03/30/2006, Thursday

I expererinced a nightmare when I made a huge poster. It is not because of filling the materials into the poster but because of printing ppt slide to a pdf file. Finally I succeeded. Here are the steps.

1. The poster is expected to have the size: 72in*36in. But powerpoint don't support such a huge page. So I use a ppt template with half of that size, i.e. 36in*18in. It can also be done by set the dimension in the "page setup" property sheet. Set width as 36in, height 18in and landscape orientation.

2. fill the poster slides, blabla...It takes me more than 6 hours...

3. The huge ppt slide is done. I hope to print it in pdf file at first, because the poster printer is not friendly to ppt files while loves pdf guys. When I use the pdfmaker in powerpoint directly, the maker generates a pdf file with part of right side crushed.

4. So I go in a round way. I print the ppt file in mdi at first. It can be done like this: click menu "file-> print...", choose printer "Microsoft office document image writer", and then set the printer property: in page sheet, set page size as custom size, width = 18in, height=36in, and orientation = portrait, and lastly print it into a mdi file.

5. open the mdi file in windows and begin to print it in pdf file. Do it in these steps:

a). Open mdi file;

b). click menu "file->print...", choose printer "Adobe PDF"

c). Open the property page. Tab to "Adobe PDF Setting" sheet. Click the button "Add custom page" and set width = 18 height=36 and unit = inches, and then give this page size a name "postersize". click "Add" to close the dialog window and set the page size as the "postersize". Then set the default setting as "high quality" and "Edit..." it. In the "Edit..." page, set the width = 18, height=36 and unit = inches. Save as "poster". Then go to the layout sheet. Set orientation as "landscape". In the "advanced..." property page, set the page size as "postersize". Everything is ready now. Print it.

d). PDF file is ready...

6. Print the pdf file on the poster printer, choose the page size as 36in*72in with orientation landscape or 72in*36in with orientation portrait. Remmember to set the property "fit to page".

Note: I met another problem. In the pdf version, a figure is horizontally flipped. This figure is inserted from a eps image. I save it in emf file and insert it again to solve the problem. It can be done by right click the figure in the powerpoint slide and choose "save as picture..."

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