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The transmitter coils of the Articulograph AG100 generate 10-20kHz VLF alternating magnetic fields which have a flux density of approximately 35uT at a distance of 7.5cm from the coil axis. This field strength is well below the maximum permissible exposure specified by the American National Standards Institute in ANSI standard C95.1-1991.

There seems to be little experimental data concerning the biological effects of magnetic fields of more than a few microtesla at frequencies in the VLF range, and epidemiological studies are even more limited, since few people routinely encounter VLF magnetic fields which are stronger than 0.1uT. Given the scarcity of existing data, however, the most relevant existing studies seem to support the conclusion that alternating magnetic fields at this field strength and in this frequency range present minimal risk to the health of experimental subjects.

Mark Hasegawa-Johnson
Mon May 26 15:33:40 PDT 1997