Welcome to Henry Hao Tang's Personal Web Site

- I write state-of-the-art code.

- My programming skills are better than my research skills. :P

- If you're lookin' for a researcher with strong engineering capabilities, then it'd be me; if you're lookin' for a programmer with independent research abilities, then it'd be me.

I wrote my first computer program in high school and never stopped coding ever since. I primarily use C, C++, C++/CLI, Java, Python, and Matlab in research and software development. I work under both Windows and UNIX/Linux. On Windows, most often I write MFC and .NET-based applications in Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, 2005, and 2008, while on UNIX/Linux, I mainly write console programs using 'vi', 'emacs', 'gcc', 'make', and 'gdb', etc. Though this is a little old-fasioned, I like it this way: quick, easy, clean and everything is under your complete control!

Below is some examplar code that I have full authority to release to the public, from which you could get a sense of my coding style:


  • A C++ class that I wrote in a hurry for a group mate at UIUC that performs basic speech analysis tasks using the console version of Praat [download]


  • An interactive interpreter for the MOUSE programming language that I developed and submitted as a course project for the "Data Structures and Algorithms" course at Rugers University, named the best work in the class [download]