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IBM Watson Research Center
19 skyline drive, Hawthorne,
New York, 10532
Phone: +1-914-784-6089


Some bibliography collections:

Boosting (updated 08/2008)
Salient patches (updated 08/2008)
Mean Shift (updated 2008)
Action recognition (updated 2009)

Some teaching materials:

Experience in StarChallenge 2008
Geuest lecture in ECE417, UIUC, spring 2009/2011 (with Xiaodan Zhuang)
Reference: some videos for image or audio recognition on smart phones
StarChallenge is a competition to develop World’s Next-Generation Multimedia Search Technolog hosted by Singapore Govement. Our UIUC IFP team won 1st place in first stage(3 rounds), and 3rd place in the final stage

Canny detector
Geuest lecture in ECE547, UIUC, fall 2010
The Canny edge detector is one of the most popular techniques in image processing, which aims to find an optimal detection in terms of good detection, good localization and minimal response.

Introduction to SVMs
Geuest lecture in ECE547, UIUC, fall 2010
Introducing the fundmental ideas of max margin classifier, Lagrange multiplier, KKT condition, SMO algorithm and Pegasos SVMs.