Resources of Salient Patch Features

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[Updated Aug 25, 2008]: updated some codes (surf, HOG, GPS-based)

Image Patch Detectors

·         T Lindeberg, Edge detection and ridge detection with automatic scale selection, CVPR, 1996 [IEEE link] [IJCV98 version]

Patch Descriptors for Image

·         Q Zhu, S Avidan, MC Yeh, KT Cheng, Fast Human Detection Using a Cascade of Histograms of Oriented Gradients, CVPR, 2006

·         S. Bileschi and L. Wolf, Image representations beyond histograms of gradients: The role of Gestalt descriptors. CVPR, 2007.

·         Bosch, A. , Zisserman, A. and Munoz, X., Representing shape with a spatial pyramid kernel, CIVR, 2007

·         ============================= Shape Context ==============================

·         S Belongie, J Malik, J Puzicha, Shape context: A new descriptor for shape matching and object recognition, NIPS 2000. [ICCV01 Version] [PAMI02 Version] [webpage with code]

·         G Mori, S Belongie, J Malik, Shape contexts enable efficient retrieval of similar shapes, CVPR, 2001

·         G Mori, J Malik, Estimating human body configurations using shape context matching, ECCV 2002

·         H Zhang, J Malik, Learning a discriminative classifier using shape context distances, CVPR 2003

·         A Thayananthan, B Stenger, PHS Torr, R Cipolla, Shape context and chamfer matching in cluttered scenes, CVPR 2003

·         =============================Angular Radial Histogram==============================

·         T. Serre, L. Wolf, S. Bileschi, M. Riesenhuber, and T. Poggio Robust Object Recognition with Cortex-like Mechanisms, PAMI, 2007.

·         Ethan. Meyers and Lior Wolf, Using Biologically Inspired Features for Face Processing, IJCV, 2008.

·         Ankur Agarwal, Bill Triggs, Multilevel Image Coding with Hyperfeatures, IJCV 2007. [ECCV 06 version]

·         D. Song and D. Tao, Biologically Inspired Feature Manifold for Scene Classification, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, accepted.

·         Y. Huang et al, Enhanced Biologically Inspired Model, CVPR 2008.

·         D. Song and D. Tao, C1 Units for Scene Classification, ICPR 2008.

·         ==============================Gabor, LBP ======================================

·         J-K Kämäräinen et al, Object Localisation Using Generative Probability Model for Spatial Constellation and Local Image Features, ICCV-NRTL 2007. [Webpage with code]

·         Chengjun  Liu, Gabor-based Kernel PCA with Fractional Power Polynomial Models for Face Recognition, PAMI, 2004.

·         Marko Heikkilä, Matti Pietikäinen, Cordelia Schmid: Description of Interest Regions with Center-Symmetric Local Binary Patterns. ICVGIP 2006. [LBP web] [LBP code]

·         ============================== Dense Sampled Shape Descriptor =================================

·         H. Zhang, A. Berg, , M. Maire, and J. Malik. SVM-KNN: Discriminative nearest neighbor classication for visual category recognition. In CVPR, pages 2126–2136, 2006.


·         C Schmid, R Mohr, C Bauckhage, Evaluation of Interest Point Detectors. IJCV 2000

Matching and Indexing Algorithms

Dimension Reduction, Vocabulary


Software and Other Resources

Peter Kovesi's Spatitial feature detection: canny, harris, fast radial, Garbor

Edward Rosten FAST corner detector

Vincent Garcia's keypoint extraction at Matlab Central

SURF: ETH binary and an openCV implementation

SIFT on GPU. (with source code):

Optical Flow on GPU:

HOG:  Dalal’s toolkit.                   windows version using OpenCV & boost.           

Sebastian Nowozin @TU-Berlin's SIFT implementation in C#

Andrea Vedaldi @UCLA's SIFT, MSER, and VL Feature Library

[irresponsible note]: SIFT for two 800x600 im:  Gaussian (4sec) + detector (<3sec) + descriptor (40sec) + siftmatch (24sec) + plotss (17sec). MSER: several second: but not clear  feature descriptor

Gyuri Dorkó @INRIA's scale and affine Linux binary

Vgg's affine region detectors and descriptors  (binary) and Krystian Mikolajczyk's  matching, indexing

Course and Tutorial

Cordelia Schmid and David Lowe's CVPR 03 tutorial


I am very thankful to Xu Zhao for the nice suggestions on shape context.