The Potential Impact of MPEG4 on Video Production
Ya-Qin Zhang
Sarnoff Corporation Princeton, New Jersey
A Position Statement for Panel 4: Applications
 The 1998 International Workshop on Very Low Bitrate Video Coding

Studio production for movies and TV is a $10 billion business. The advent of MPEG 4 technologies and standard may have a potential impact on this fast-growing industry, with efficient compression, object-based representation, and the ability to address both natural and synthetic contents offered by the richness of MPEG 4 toolset and API.

This talk will:

(1) discuss the current technologies and infrastructure employed in movie and TV production process: a world intertwined with state-of-the-art equipment and outdated technologies, with highly creative artists and conservative culture, with entrepreneurial spirit and a closely-controlled environment by a few key players;

(2) identify potential benefits of MPEG4 technologies to the content creation: including much-reduced equipment cost, efficient management of digital assets and processes, faster content creation and production cycle, and easy repurposing the contents; and finally

(3) Explore possible technological deficiencies and competition, business hurdles and opportunities in the potential applications of MPEG 4 to digital video production for movie and TV contents.