VLBV 98 Panel 2: Video Representation, Coding, and Indexing

VLBV 98: Oct 8-9, 1998, University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana


Wayne Wolf (panel statement of purpose):

We are seeing a broadening of applications of advanced video. Teleconferencing was one early motivating application of very low bit-rate video. Today, many new applications share a common core of representations supported by underlying analysis techniques. Algorithms such as motion analysis, image segmentation, and object extraction can be used in many applications, such as multimedia search engines and automatic video summarization as well as telecommunications applications. One simple example of the commonality of representations shared among different applications is the key frame and others exist as well.

It seems reasonable to develop a unified set of algorithmic tools for video representation that could be applied to many domains. To achieve this goal, we need to consider several problems: