V V Vinod
Kent Ridge Digital Labs
A Position Statement for Panel 5: MPEG7 Issues
The 1998 International Workshop on Very Low Bitrate Video Coding
 1.  Introduction
MPEG-7 formally defined as "multimedia content description interface" is the latest standardization effort by the MPEG working group. Several key issues have to be addressed and solutions found by the research community before the standard and its applications materialize. Some of them have a higher impact on the standard itself and the others in the applications enabled by MPEG-7. Much of this paper concerns with the issues belonging to the former category.

2.  Some MPEG-7 Issues

Some issues arising out of or related to scope, applications and MPEG-7 related technology are listed below.

3. Conclusion

In this article, some issues arising out of the MPEG-7 scope statement is introduced. Many of them have to be carefully considered and answered before MPEG-7 standard materializes. It is the view of the author than technically acceptable compromises keeping in view the current state of the art is inevitable.