N. Dimitrova
Philips Research

A position statement for Panel 4: Applications
The 1998 International Workshop on Very Low Bitrate Video Coding
(with the Theme: Visual Content Analysis and Coding), to be held on Oct. 8-9, 1998, together with International Conference on Image Processing, Urbana, IL

The existing HDTV standard will enable content distribution in digital format. However, the real change in content use and distribution will come from the availability of content based applications for creation and reuse of video. Large professional studio archives will need tools for content based search and editing in their video asset management systems. Tools for automatic video segmentation, summarizing, detection of events in a video sequence, audio segmentation, and video classification will be necessary for professional studio applications. In the consumer domain, digital video receiver and PC/TV convergence products will demand solutions that combine the interactivity of the PC and the information/entertainment delivery aspects of TV. The video content analysis technology can enable applications that give the consumer direct interactive access to recorded and live video material. In the consumer domain, quick and meaningful video summaries significantly add value and save consumer time in navigating through video content.

In the professional domain, content based video algorithms have to achieve high performance for vast archives. However, since the content is stored in large databases the content analysis tools can use different algorithms for indexing by color, sketch, and texture in a multi-pass approach to indexing. In contrast to algorithms for professional tools, consumer domain algorithms have to focus on real time content indexing and filtering using limited memory and computational resources.

Possible consumer applications are in the areas of entertainment and security related areas. In the entertainment area, possible applications are home video libary system and advanced parental control. In the security area a potential application is home video diary. Home video library is an application that gives quick overview and access to the home collection of VHS tapes, DVD, CD-RWs. The application keeps a master index of all the recorded material, and gives a visual table of contents for each tape or disc. It could also keep a record of the tapes that the consumer has borrowed (e.g. nephew's birthday.) Advanced parental control is an application which filters out only parts of TV programs and not entire programs based on content. The application can filter out scenes with too much skin content, violence, and obscene words. Home video diary is an application that records the daily activities in the house and gives a quick pictorial summary of the events and short clips of the important events. For example, the consumer wants to know if James has been in the kitchen and if he had his dinner. The application can send an e-mail containing a visual summary or selected short clips summarizing a full day at home.