Fast-Tracked Papers

ToN has fast-tracking agreements with a limited number of IEEE/ACM conferences. The fast-tracking procedure works as follows; (i) The conference program committee chairs select a few of the best papers from the conference, and then contact the Editor-in-Chief of ToN. The EiC may then request the PC chairs for additional information about the fast-tracked papers to assist in the review process. (ii) The authors then submit their papers to ToN using the usual submission process. Each set of authors indicates in a cover letter that their paper is a fast-tracked paper from conference XYZ. It would also be useful if a separate email is sent to the Editorial Assistant of the journal at ieeeton at ifp dot illinois dot edu alerting him to look out for the submission of a fast-tracked paper.

The EiC then assigns the papers to AEs and lets them know that the papers are fast-tracked. This means that ToN will use some of the same reviewers as the conference. The hope is that by using some of the same reviewers as the conference the review cycle time will be shorter than normal. However, acceptance of the paper in the journal is not guaranteed and will depend on the outcome of the review process. Please note that all papers submitted before the 25th of each month will be assigned to AEs at the end of the month. As an example, if you want the review cycle for these papers to start at on Jan. 1, the papers have to be submitted before Dec. 25.

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