NSF/ARL/BI (NAB) Workshop on


November 13-14, 1997
Radisson Plaza Hotel
Alexandria, VA

Sponsored by National Science Foundation; Army Research Laboratory; and Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

General Co-Chairs:

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This Workshop is a followup to an earlier NSF-sponsored Workshop on "Human-Centered Systems: Information, Interactivity, and Intelligence" held February 17-19, Arlington VA. The Final Report and other information of this earlier Workshop are available at the web site:


In this earlier Workshop, a broad array of issues related to human-centered systems were discussed; these include: Date overload, collaboration and communication, human-centered design, and social informatics. The present Workshop will examine the issues related to human-centered systems from the perspective of National Challenge Problems. The solution of many national challenge problems requires intelligent information systems. It is imperative to ensure that these systems are human-centered: Technology should serve human, not human technology. To achieve this goal, interdisciplinary research is needed which would involve scientists/engineers from both the technology side (computer science and engineering, image processing and computer vision, computer graphics and visualization, speech and natural language understanding, etc.) and the human factors side (psychology, cognitive science, behavioral science, social science, etc.). It is the purpose of the present Workshop to provide a forum where researchers from the various disciplines will gather and exchange ideas, and ascertain research directions which will lead to human-centered systems.

The two-day Workshop will consist of 6 invited Panels. Each Panel will have 100 minutes. The Panelists will give informal presentations. These presentations will be followed by a general discussion in which all Workshop participants are encouraged to join. Tentatively, the 6 Panels are:

  • Panel 0: Performance Evaluation of Human-Centered Systems
  • (For a combined abstract by the organizer and the panelist of this panel click here.)
    Organizer: Jean Scholtz (Chair), NIST jean.scholtz@nist.gov
    Panelists: David Pallett, NIST david.pallett@nist.gov
    Donna Harman, NIST donna.harman@nist.gov
    Sharon Laskowski, NIST sharon.laskowski@nist.gov
    Fred Juang, Bell Labs bjuang@lucent.com
    Catherine Plaisant, University of Maryland plaisant@cs.umd.edu
  • Panel 1: Education
  • Organizer: George McConkie (Chair), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign george@casper.beckman.uiuc.edu
    Panelists: Gerhard Fischer, University of Colorado gerhard@cs.colorado.edu
    Gregory D. Abowd, Georgia Institute of Technology abowd@cc.gatech.edu
    Bertram (Chip) Bruce, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign chip@staff.uiuc.edu
  • Panel 2: Civil Infrastructures
  • Organizers: Patty Jones (Chair), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Priscilla Nelson, NSF
    Panelists: Rae Zimmerman, New York University zimmrmnr@is2.nyu.edu
    James H. Garrett, Jr., Carnegie Mellon University garrett@cmu.edu
    Patrick McCarthy, Purdue University patrick.s.mccarthy.1@purdue.edu
    Chuck Schroeder, US Army CERL c-schroeder@cecer.army.mil
  • Panel 3: Digital Battlefield
  • Organizer: Bernard Corona, ARL bcorona@arl.mil
    Panelists: LTC Shattuck (Chair), West Point ll6857@exmail.usma.army.mil
    Larry Rosenblum, NRL rosenblum@ait.nrl.navy.mil
    Robert J. Smillie, NRAD rsmillie@nosc.mil
    Celestine A. Ntuen, NCA&T ntuen@ncat.edu
    Jack H. Hiller, Army-Pentagon hillejh@hqda.army.mil
  • Panel 4: Digital Government
  • Organizer: Joseph Hardin (Chair), University of Michiganhardin@umich.edu
    Panelists: Noshir Contractor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaignnosh@uiuc.edu
    Tracy Westen, Center for Governmental StudiesWestenCGS@aol.com
    Russ Neuman, University of Pennsylvaniarneuman@pobox.asc.upenn.edu
    Larry Brandt, NSFlbrandt@nsf.gov
  • Panel 5: Health Care
  • Organizer: Simon Kasif (Chair), University of Illinois at Chicago kasif@eecs.uic.edu
    Panelists: Joel Saltz, University of Marylandsaltz@cs.umd.edu
    Barry G. Silverman, George Washington University barry@seas.gwu.edu
    Catherine Plaisant, University of Maryland plaisant@cs.umd.edu
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    Simon Kasif, UIC, response to Ben Schneiderman kasif@eecs.uic.edu

    Schedule of the workshop

    For hotel and registration information, please contact Keven Haggerty at haggerty@beckman.uiuc.edu

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