IEEE Information Theory Society

1999 IEEE Information Theory Workshop
on Detection, Estimation, Classification and Imaging (DECI)

February 24--26, 1999, Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA)

Detection and estimation theory have historically been closely linked to Information Theory. Analysis of communication systems relies heavily on and contributes to advances in detection and estimation theory. Considerable theoretical and practical advances in this area have been made possible by the fostering of ideas from Statistics and Information Theory. This workshop will complement those activities by seeking contributions from researchers in signal processing, image processing, image understanding, pattern recognition, and communication theory, whose work is heavily influenced by information theoretic considerations. While novel applications will play important roles, new theoretical results are expected to dominate.

The workshop will feature three plenary speakers: Andrew Barron (Yale), H. Vincent Poor (Princeton), and Michael I. Miller (Washington University). Invited talks and contributed talks will be presented in the following areas:

Of particular interest are papers dealing with nonparametric and robust methods, methods for non-euclidean spaces, alternating maximization methods, high-dimensional inverse problems, and dimensionality reduction. Authors interested in submitting a contribution should mail four copies of a 2-3 page summary to Prof. J. O'Sullivan (address below) by October 9, 1998. Papers will be presented either as 20-minute talks or as posters. One-page abstracts of all papers will appear in the proceedings of the workshop and will be posted to the workshop web site prior to the workshop.

The workshop will be held in historic Hotel Loretto, in the heart of Santa Fe. Santa Fe possesses a rich Spanish and Native American culture and is located in the vicinity of excellent ski resorts. It is expected that a small number of student travel grants to the workshop will be available. Detailed information will be included in the final call for papers and will be posted to the workshop web site:
Inquiries about the workshop should be directed to one of the three co-chairs:
Prof. Alfred O. Hero III Prof. Pierre Moulin Prof. J. A. O'Sullivan
EECS Department ECE Departement EE Departement
U. of Michigan U. of Illinois Washington University
1301 Beal Avenue Beckman Institute Campus Box 1127
Ann Arbor, MI 41809 405 N. Mathews Ave. St. Louis, MO 63130 Urbana, IL 61801
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