Installing ATLAS and CLAPACK on Linux


ATLAS is available from

For Linux, precompiled binaries are available for various platforms. Unarchive the tar ball and copy header file (cblas.h) into /usr/local/include and library files (libatlas.a libcblas.a libf77blas.a) into /usr/local/lib.


Source code of CLAPACK is available from

1. Download and unarchive. In CLAPACK directory, copy from INSTALL directory.

% cp ./INSTALL/ ./

2. Modify BLASLIB in as follows:

BLASLIB = ../../libcblaswr.a -lcblas -latlas

3. Compile the libraries following the instruction in readme.install file.

4. Copy clapack.h and f2c.h into /usr/local/include and tmglib_LINUX.a lapack_LINUX.a libcblaswr.a libF77.a and libI77.a into /usr/local/lib.

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